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If WTL Helper does not work under Visual Studio 2005 try to install Servce Pack1 or downlod new version of MSVCRT from
27 August 2007
WTL Helper was updated to version 1.1.8. Fixed notify handler generation for old style handlers and added possibility to save handler's style for current solution.
26 January 2006
WTL Helper was updated to version 1.1. Add support of  extended macros for message reflection (WTL 7.5 and above), add option "Dont save previous page" and possibility to choose version of WTL (it used to hide features that are not available for selected version of WTL).
25 January 2006
Project WTL Wizards was updated. Fixed menu handle leak.
24 January 2005
Created english version of my site. Added project WTL Helper

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